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Laugfs Eco Sri Vehicle Emission Testing Center Rajagiriya


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LAUGFS Eco Sri Emission test center Rajagiriya

LAUGFS Eco Sri offers eco solutions aimed at improving the air quality of the environment. Our vehicle emission testing helps keep emission levels to a minimum by encouraging and assisting vehicle owners and motorists to maintain their vehicles in optimal performance conditions. This provides them the dual advantage of maintaining acceptable standards of emissions while improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

We also offer specialized emission testing for industrial clients who are committed to maintaining green standards by ensuring low emissions from their industrial and commercial operations.

We combine the latest testing technology with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified and well trained staff to offer the highest quality of service. We continuously endeavor to increase the efficacy and efficiency of emissions testing and shorten the duration of the process. The result is a faster testing procedure, superior customer service and a loyal clientele.